Strategy Planning for a New Market Extension

These two authors of Australian books for primary aged school children, had visions of extending the concept into a global brand.

The situation -

Two highly successful authors of Australian children’s books were already successful, being strongly represented in 90 per cent of primary schools around Australia, and making good inroads into the UK and US market.

Children aged seven to nine loved the books because they were mainly about team sports and mateship, very appealing to this age group. Parents and teachers also loved the fact that the books encouraged children to read more often.

The client had visions of extending the concept into a global brand earning significant royalties from associated merchandising.

How Solutions Marketing helped -

We undertook some initial market analysis, and then conducted a one day strategy session with the entrepreneur authors and their associate partners.

By the end of the strategy session there was common agreement amongst the owners as to the developmental pathway.

In the process, agreement was reached regarding the various customer target markets, the competitors, the company expansion areas, a tight SWOT, the brand essence and positioning, brand personality, vision, objectives and the key success factors.

Importantly, not only were the many disparate ideas clarified and agreed, but the way forward was now clearly documented including action plans and a timetable.

The results -

Implementation of a global brand commenced.

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