Market Research, Marketing Strategies & Business Plans for Solutions ‘Beyond the Obvious’

Since 1990 we have provided business and marketing support for over 100 mostly medium and large size businesses across over 400 projects.

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Market Research

Market Research

We conduct broad industry research, and client specific qualitative & quantitative research studies for organisations involved in consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, luxury goods, brand retailing, food supply, industrial and new technologies, financial & professional services, home construction, transport and telecommunications. We custom design our research to help y...
Business analysis and financial modelling

Business analysis and financial modelling

We can analyse your business performance to find the reasons behind your current sales and profit trends, get a handle on your growth and cash flow projections, understand the cost, volume & profit implications of your options, produce a concise SWOT and fine-tune and improve your marketing mix Business analysis – that gets down to the nitty gritty Want...
Marketing strategy & business plans

Marketing strategy & business plans

We can help you take a fresh look at your business by clearly defining 'Where to compete' (product/service, target customer, distribution) and 'How to compete' (competitive advantage, investment strategy & functional support strategies). Our marketing strategic planning workshop can produce a business or marketing plan tailored to your needs in as little as a day or tw...

Feature Case Study

Understanding the Pearl jewellery Market and in particular the Luxury Customer

The Situation – Management believed there was a lack of clear understanding of the current & potential customer, the product offering, awareness & perception of the Paspaley brand, in-store experience and marketing communication, in Au...

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