Strategy Planning for Sales Growth for a Quality Home Builder

The Situation –

Alkira Homes is a smaller, more flexible, boutique builder of high quality homes. They target a more affluent buyer, not first home buyers, seeking a higher quality design, build and inclusions.

Alkira wanted to grow their business and had just appointed a new marketing manager and creative agency. They recognised that their website and other communication collateral seemed to be out of line with their target customer. So it was an ideal time to assess the immediate market and competitor landscape, agree on the desired positioning, and the 7p (i.e., product, pricing, placement/distribution, promotion, presentation, people & process) performance gaps hindering expansion.

How Solutions Marketing helped -

We obtained NSW Dwelling & Housing commencements and HIA and Home Warranty Insurance Fund # homes built over recent years to get an idea of market shares. Next we moderated a one day Strategy Planning Session with the senior management of Alkira Homes covering the following:

  • Scope of Alkira Homes activity
  • Target customers by demographics & by Roy Morgan Values segments
  • Customer needs – essentials & nice to have
  • Alkira competitive advantages – current & potential
  • Key competitors offers & current promotion themes
  • SWOT
  • Alkira Brand Wheel – Attributes, Benefits, Brand values, Brand personality leading to Brand Essence
  • Brand positioning – What is different? What is better? Brand positioning & Advertising tag line
  • Vision & objectives
  • Strategies & Action plans
  • Key success factors

The result –

The planning session not only established an agreed strategy to move forward but proved to be the ideal briefing format for both the new Marketing Manager & the creative agency, both of whom have begun the process of updating and improving the web site and the promotional collateral

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