A New Business Focus

A New Business Focus

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June 08, 2018
A New Business Focus

In early 2016 I re-orientated my main business focus but I didn’t tell anyone. I was just happy to coast along working primarily on two challenging ‘Expert Witness’ legal cases. But now is the time to come clean!


Time to come clean:                                                          

In early 2016 I re-orientated my main business focus towards the following:

  • As an Expert Witness in Supreme Court damages cases in two disciplines – ‘Marketing’ and ‘Finance’
  • Financial modelling in the areas of ‘Linked P&L’s, Cash flow and Balance sheets’, ‘Future financial estimates & DCF Corporate valuations’, ‘Forecasting models (M&A’s & IPO’s)’, ‘Budget & Latest Estimate rolling models’, ‘Damages computation in legal or insurance cases (Expert witness)’, ‘Retail expansion models’ and anything else that can be modelled e.g., ‘Car fleet lease versus buy’ or ‘Cost, volume, profit relationships’, etc.
  • Business projections & Corporate Valuations


My 2018 objective:

I hope to satisfy my thirst for intellectual satisfaction and use my unique combination of high level experience & education in both Marketing & Finance (an unusual but useful combination) to assist clients better understand the intricacies of their business and its future potentials

I will do this by: 

  • Re-focusing my business into the specific areas of business analysis, complex financial modelling and corporate valuations
  • I also seek further project work as both a ‘Marketing’ and ‘Financial Expert Witness’ in legal damages cases. 
  • I am also available for project management roles in Market research and Marketing strategy design & implementation 

MY KEY SKILLS (in relation to my 2018 objective)

  • Strategic, analytical, numeracy, report writing & research skills – gained from 400+ different projects for 100+ different clients in Industry Research, Business & Market analysis, Business Landscape Analysis, Qualitative and Quantitative Research
  • Financial skills – gained from my Colgate-Palmolive Financial Director experience, formal ASA & MBA academic qualifications & the MYOB accounting and BAS preparation for my company 
  • Technology skills – Extensive experience in building multi-dimensional business and financial models & graphs in Excel, to a comprehensive understanding of the Internet and e-commerce. Also Q-research analysis software & PowerPoint presentations,
  • Personal skills – Logical problem-solving; attention to detail; dealing with large data sets; importance of aesthetic design; presentation skills; ability to zoom from a micro to a macro level 


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