Understanding the Pearl jewellery Market and in particular the Luxury Customer

The Situation –

Management believed there was a lack of clear understanding of the current & potential customer, the product offering, awareness & perception of the Paspaley brand, in-store experience and marketing communication, in Australia, the UAE and HK. Paspaley Pearls keeps only its best farmed pearls, employs wonderfully talented jewellery designers and has beautifully designed retail outlets in Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin, Broome, and the UAE and HK, yet has an under-developed share of the total jewellery market. Solutions Marketing was engaged to determine why...

How Solutions Marketing helped -

  • We immersed ourselves in substantial desk research & analysis of background material
  • Conducted interviews with staff from stores in Australia, the UAE and HK
  • Conducted 6 focus groups in Sydney
  • Conducted 12 in-depth qualitative interviews with Paspaley Sydney customers
  • Conducted an online quantitative study of n=1418 respondents across Australia
  • Oversaw 15 qualitative in-depth interviews and 12 in-store customer interviews in the UAE
  • Oversaw a face to face quantitative study of n=450 respondents in the UAE
  • Conducted 18 qualitative in-depth interviews in HK
  • Summarised all the above research into a comprehensive ‘Strategic Marketing Planning’ report which was presented to the Paspaley Board<

Strategic recommendations –

Three key issues were identified and strategies proposed regarding the target market, and the marketing mix - product, pricing, place, presentation & promotion

The result –

Sales are increasing, but too early to see the holistic effect

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